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Audiovisual Learning

Information availability and accessibility are the bedrock for making intelligent decisions and good career choices, particularly for young adults and youth.

Empowering Knowledge Through Visual Exploration

PSF Audiovisual Learning creates and serves as an enlightening platform for students in underserved rural areas. This visual learning experience transforms and exposes students to boundless opportunities. Assist the beneficiaries in identifying a career path. This initiative has helped the students realize the importance of learning, dedication to work, and the limitless possibilities they can harness.
PlungeSmile audiovisual learning challenges and inspire objective thinking among the pupils, identifying and creating solutions to their personal or communal difficulties.

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Audiovisual Learning

Join us in providing a transformative learning experience for students in underserved rural areas.
By donating, you’re equipping students with the tools they need to succeed academically and professionally, breaking down barriers and expanding horizons.
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Our Other Programs

Kit up a child

Kit up A Child is a scheme designed to provide complete school clothing attire for pupils in public schools.

Open Arms

Plungesmile Open Arms was launched for individuals and families with meagre income or no primary source of sustenance.

School Feeding

PlungeSmile Foundation has initiated School Feeding Programme for the six public schools, for 900 hundred children.

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