About Plunge Smile Foundation

Plunge Smile Foundation focuses on closing the fundamental gaps between subsistent and poverty induced livelihood by aliening our targets with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through combating, Poverty, Hunger, provisioning good health/well-being and Quality Education.

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Our Mission

Empower Individuals to be resourceful and become contributor to the society.

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Our Vision

To inspire and create a happier, better and self-reliant life for everyone.


Core Value

Love and service to humanity.

This is what we stand for.

Our focus is to empower every individual to be resourceful and also become an empowerment ambassador in the society. We achieve this by inspiring and equipping people to reach their potentials thereby creating a happier and self-reliant life for everyone.

We believe if more people have the capacity to contribute their quota in trickles, hunger and poverty can be conquered and the society at large can at the minimum have equal access to basic health care services, education and social amenities.


Plunge smile is committed to solving the unsolved problems innovatively. Our priority is to protect the children from hunger and by providing baseline educational support system to them, their educators and their parents. We also want to make available the resources and mentoring skills to stimulate empowerment among men, women and youth to alleviate poverty and inspire the right thinking.

Our training programs are directed at government schools’ educators with the aim to equip them with the expertise and skillset that will allow them translate quality learnings to children. Plunge Smile Foundation believes children education, teens and adult empowerment are the effective long-term strategy for societal stability and unity.


We at Plunge Smile finds joy in becoming part of the positive growth of individual by providing them the opportunity to be impacted and more importantly to give individual the chance to develop confidence, to feel wanted and to archive   their dreams for the future. We aim at awakening the peoples’ potential.